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Unity of Gaithersburg’s Celebration of Life Garden

Just a few steps from our Sanctuary is our beautiful Celebration of Life Garden.  We hope you will join us in honoring those we’ve loved and spend some time in peaceful meditation and prayer.  There's a bench to rest on, seasonal flowers and a birdbath to focus your gaze and deepen into your peace.
A special installation ceremony will be held on the first Sunday of November each year.  We hope you will join us in honoring your loved one(s) and holding the sacred space of unconditional love and the Divine's ever presence. 


You are welcome to install your memorial stone at any time of the year and any place within the garden. Contact us at to let us know you will be on campus and/or if you have any questions.
To Order your Memorial Stone visit
You will see River Rock Stones in the list of options.  Choose either the large or medium size; choose font style and artwork (which is optional).  Purchase and have the stone sent to your home.  Please allow 4 weeks for delivery.

Our Celebration of Life Garden is maintained and funded by your generous donation of funds or time.  Please contact: for further information. Thank you for your generosity and support.

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