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What is a Prayer Chaplain?

A Prayer Chaplain is:
Someone who will create and hold a sacred, spiritual space.
Someone who will lovingly listen.
Someone who will pray from the heart.
​Someone who will hold what is shared in the strictest confidence.

How does the program work?

Prayer chaplains are available for one-on-one prayer after each Sunday Service.  They are also available to make a prayer call if requested.  In addition, members of the community will receive a regular monthly prayer call.  
During special services, a prayer chaplain will be present to hold sacred space. 

Our Prayer Chaplains

Prayer Chaplain Quotes

Being a prayer chaplain is a very rewarding experience.  Praying with others is uplifting and satisfying!

​- Carol Plummer


What is mine to do?" was the ever present question in my life.  Growing into the Prayer Chaplin team and contributing to my community through prayer has helped me lovingly heal from my past and divinely grow into my future.

- Sharon

I got so much support from Silent Unity when it was almost impossible to fathom how life was unfolding. So when I retired I became a volunteer and trained for Hospice. I was very comfortable holding space for others. Becoming a Prayer Chaplain for my Unity Community is giving back and coming full circle for me.

- Shirley

Being a prayer chaplain allows me to both serve my community and strengthen my prayer practice.  I call that a win-win.  Thank you UOG.

- David

As a Prayer Chaplain, I see prayer as the process by which we anchor our thoughts, feelings, and inner self in the divine presence that is all around us. With prayer all things are possible and it is our role to facilitate this process.
- Errol

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