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New to Unity?

Not sure of what Unity is and what we teach?
Take a look at the resources below to get a better understanding of who we are, where our campus is located and how Sunday Services flow.

Unity is a global, inclusive, spiritual community. We offer practical, uplifting resources to help people of all faiths apply positive spiritual principles to their lives.

What to Expect on Sunday

Service Times
Sunday Service and Youth activities begin at 11 AM every Sunday.

If You Have Children
As you enjoy an inspirational service designed for you, your children will enjoy an experience designed just for them. Whether you have an infant, a 6th grader, a 10th grader, or all the above, the Youth and Family team welcomes your children! 

If You Have Mobility Challenges
All Unity of Gaithersburg buildings are wheelchair-accessible, and we have dedicated parking near the front of the sanctuary.

Our Dress Code
We have a very flexible dress code. We want you to feel comfortable joining us for our Sunday service. People who attend on Sundays wear anything from jeans and sandals to business casual and suits.

During Service
During the Sunday morning service, you'll experience uplifting, professional music, a guided meditation, and an inspiring message.

After Service
Connect with others over light refreshments after service. 
Please visit The Peace Room (accessible from the lobby) to enjoy refreshments and peruse our selection of books, art and other gifts. 

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